Vagrant & Virtual Appliance

Vagrant / OVA is a quick and easy way to try StackStorm in a VM.

It’s already pre-installed, configured and tested virtual machine image and so saves time avoiding time-consuming installation and configuration steps. Perfect for a quick platform overview, testing, demo or even using StackStorm in isolated from the internet air-gapped systems.

We highly recommend using a Vagrant box to get familiar with the StackStorm platform.

The source code is available as a GitHub repo: StackStorm/packer-st2


Virtualbox is required along with Vagrant when it’s used. If you’re not familiar with Vagrant, we recommend looking at Introduction to Vagrant.

Vagrant Quick Start

Starting a StackStorm Vagrant VM is easy:

vagrant init stackstorm/st2
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

This will boot up a fresh StackStorm installation on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. You can access Web UI at or SSH to the box vagrant ssh if you prefer st2 CLI.

Virtual Appliance / OVA

As alternative to Vagrant box is Virtual appliance which is available for download as .OVA image from the StackStorm/packer-st2 Github Releases page. It might be especially helpful for the isolated from the internet air-gapped environments.


Linux login credentials:
Username: vagrant
Password: vagrant

StackStorm login details:
Username: st2admin
Password: Ch@ngeMe


If using OVA in production environment, don’t forget to change the default credentials and delete SSH authorized keys for vagrant linux user.

Tips & Tricks

Updating the Vagrant box

Once the newer box version is released, Vagrant will warn you about the available update. To update the box:

vagrant box outdated
vagrant box remove stackstorm/st2
vagrant up

Pinning the Vagrant box version

Whether you want to pin StackStorm, it’s possible to use specific box version. While adding the box for the first time:

vagrant init stackstorm/st2 --box-version 2.7.1-20180507
vagrant up

Or directly in Vagrantfile:

Vagrant.configure("2") do |config| = "stackstorm/st2"
  config.vm.box_version = "2.7.1-20180507"

The list of available box versions can be found at Vagrant Cloud.



Sometimes StackStorm does not run properly for some reason.

Discovering why at a infra level is the responsibility of st2-integration-tests which will perform StackStorm infrastructure/integration tests and report back with more detailed info. This can save time for both you & community to avoid extensive troubleshooting steps.

If something went wrong, - just run st2-integration-tests

Bugs & Issues & Contributions

The source code is available as a GitHub repo: StackStorm/packer-st2. We’re welcoming your bug reports, feature requests or even better, - pull requests.