2.2.1 - TBD 2017

  • Fix st2ctl reload command so it preserves exit code from st2-register-content script and correctly fails on failure by default.

  • Removed support for medium-strength ciphers from default nginx configuration (#3244)

  • Fix base action alias test class (BaseActionAliasTestCase) so it also works if the local pack directory name doesn’t match the pack name (this might be the case with new pack management during development where local git repository directory name doesn’t match pack name) (bug fix)

  • Fix a bug with default values from pack config schema not being passed via config to Python runner actions and sensors if pack didn’t contain a config file in /opt/stackstorm/configs directory. (bug fix)

    Reported by Jon Middleton.

  • Make various improvements and changes to st2-run-pack-tests script so it works out of the box on servers where StackStorm has been installed using packages. (improvement)

  • Removed support for medium-strength ciphers from default nginx configuration (#3244)

  • Allow user to specify which branch of st2tests repository to use by passing -b option to st2-self-check script. (improvement)

  • Fix a bug with authentication middleware not working correctly when supplying credentials in an Authorization header using basic auth format when password contained a colon (:).

    Note: Usernames with colon are still not supported. (bug fix)

    Contributed by Carlos.

  • Update st2-run-pack-tests script so it doesn’t try to install global pack test dependencies (mock, unittest2, nose) when running in an environment where those dependencies are already available.

  • Make sure remote command and script runner correctly close SSH connections after the action execution has completed. (bug fix)

    Reported by Nagy Krisztián.

  • Fix a bug with pack configs API endpoint (PUT /v1/configs/) not working when RBAC was enabled. (bug fix)

    Reported by efenian.

  • Fix concurrency related unit tests to support upgrade of the tooz library. (bug fix)

  • Update tooz library to the latest version (v1.15.0). Using the latest version means StackStorm now also supports using consul, etcd and other new backends supported by tooz for coordination. (improvement)

  • Various security related improvements in the enterprise LDAP auth backend. (improvement, bug fix)

2.2.0 - February 27, 2017

  • Fix /v1/packs/views/files/<pack ref or id> and /v1/packs/views/file/<pack ref or id>/<file path> API endpoint so it works correctly for packs where pack name is not equal to the pack ref. (bug fix)

    Reported by skjbulcher #3128

  • Improve binary file detection and fix “pack files” API controller so it works correctly for new-style packs which are also git repositories. (bug fix)

  • Fix returning a tuple from the Python runner so it also works correctly, even if action returns a complex type (e.g. Python class instance) as a result. (bug fix)

    Reported by skjbulcher #3133

  • Introduce validation of trigger parameters when creating a rule for non-system (user-defined) trigger types.

    Validation is only performed if system.validate_trigger_parameters config option is enabled (it’s disabled by default) and if trigger object defines parameters_schema attribute.

    Contribution by Hiroyasu OHYAMA. #3094

  • Introduce validation of trigger payload for non-system and user-defined triggers which is performed when dispatching a trigger inside a sensor and when sending a trigger via custom webhook.

    Validation is only performed if system.validate_trigger_payload config option is enabled (it’s disabled by default) and if trigger object defines payload_schema attribute.

    Contribution by Hiroyasu OHYAMA. #3094

  • Add support for complex rendering inside of array and object types. This allows the user to nest Jinja variables in array and object types.

  • Fix cancellation specified in concurrency policies to cancel actions appropriately. Previously, mistral workflow is orphaned and left in a running state. (bug fix)

  • If a retry policy is defined, action executions under the context of a workflow will not be retried on timeout or failure. Previously, action execution will be retried but workflow is terminated. (bug fix)

  • Update Python runner to throw a more user-friendly exception in case action metadata file references a script file which doesn’t exist or which contains invalid syntax. (improvement)

  • Update st2auth service so it includes more context and throws a more user-friendly exception when retrieving an auth backend instance fails. This makes it easier to debug and spot various auth backend issues related to typos, misconfiguration and similar. (improvement)

  • Mistral fork is updated to match the master branch at OpenStack Mistral. (improvement)

  • Fix how mistral client and resource managers are being used in the mistral runner. Authentication has changed in the mistral client. Fix unit test accordingly. (bug fix)

  • Fix issue where passing a single integer member for an array parameter for an action would cause a type mismatch in the API (bug fix)

  • Use the newly introduced CANCELLED state in mistral for workflow cancellation. Currently, st2 put the workflow in a PAUSED state in mistral. (improvement)

  • Add support for evaluating jinja expressions in mistral workflow definition where yaql expressions are typically accepted. (improvement)

  • Let querier plugin decide whether to delete state object on error. Mistral querier will delete state object on workflow completion or when the workflow or task references no longer exists. (improvement)

  • Add support for st2 login and st2 whoami commands. These add some additional functionality beyond the existing st2 auth command and actually works with the local configuration so that users do not have to.

  • Fix action alias update API endpoint. (bug fix)

  • Fix --config-file st2 CLI argument not correctly expanding the provided path if the path contained a reference to the user home directory (~, e.g. ~/.st2/config.ini) (bug fix)

  • Fix action alias update API endpoint. (bug fix)

  • {{user.}} and {{system.}} notations to access user and system scoped items from datastore are now unsupported. Use {{st2kv.user.}} and {{st2kv.system.}} instead. Please update all your content (actions, rules and workflows) to use the new notation. (improvement)

  • Update the dependencies and the code base so we now also support MongoDB 3.4. Officially supported MongoDB versions are now MongoDB 3.2 and 3.4. Currently default version installed by the installer script still is 3.2. (improvement)

  • Fix a bug with action and as such as pack install command not working with git repositories which used a default branch which was not master. (bug fix)

  • Add new -j flag to the st2-run-pack-tests script. When this flag is specified script will just try to run the tests and it won’t set up the virtual environment and install the dependencies. This flag can be used when virtual environment for pack tests already exists and when you know dependencies are already installed and up to date. (new feature)

  • Fix a bug with --api-token / -t and other CLI option values not getting correctly propagated to all the API calls issued in the st2 pack install, st2 pack remove and st2 pack config commands. (bug fix)

  • Fix a bug with not being able to apply some global permission types (permissions which are global and not specific to a resource) such as pack install, pack remove, pack search, etc. to a role using st2-apply-rbac-definitions. (bug fix)

2.1.1 - December 16, 2016

  • After running st2 pack install CLI command display which packs have been installed. (improvement)

  • Update /v1/packs/register API endpoint so it throws on failure (e.g. invalid pack or resource metadata). This way the default behavior is consistent with default st2ctl reload --register-all behavior.

    If user doesn’t want the API endpoint to fail on failure, they can pass "fail_on_failure": false attribute in the request payload. (improvement)

  • Throw a more user-friendly exception when registering packs (st2ctl reload) if pack ref / name is invalid. (improvement)

  • core.http action now also supports HTTP basic auth and digest authentication by passing username and password parameter to the action. (new feature)

  • Fix GET /v1/packs/<pack ref or id> API endpoint - make sure pack object is correctly returned when pack ref doesn’t match pack name. Previously, 404 not found was thrown. (bug fix)

  • Update local action runner so it supports and works with non-ascii (unicode) parameter keys and values. (bug fix)

    Contribution by Hiroyasu OHYAMA. #3116

  • Update packs.load action to also register triggers by default. (improvement)

  • Update /v1/packs/register API endpoint so it registers resources in the correct order which is the same as order used in st2-register-content script. (bug fix)

2.1.0 - December 05, 2016

  • Pack management changes:

    • Add new stackstorm_version and system fields to the pack.yaml metadata file. Value of the first field can contain a specific StackStorm version with which the pack is designed to work with (e.g. >=1.6.0,<2.2.0 or >2.0.0). This field is checked when installing / registering a pack and installation is aborted if pack doesn’t support the currently running StackStorm version. Second field can contain an object with optional system / OS level dependencies. (new feature)

    • Add new contributors field to the pack metadata file. This field can contain a list of people who have contributed to the pack. The format is Name <email>, e.g. Tomaz Muraus <> (new feature)

    • Add support for default values and dynamic config values for nested config objects. (new feature, improvement)

    • Add new st2-validate-pack-config tool for validating config file against a particular config schema file. (new-feature)

    • Improved pack validation - now when the packs are registered we check that:

      • version attribute in the pack metadata file matches valid semver format (e.g 0.1.0, 2.0.0, etc.)
      • email attribute (if specified) contains a valid email address. (improvement)
      • Only valid word characters (a-z, 0-9 and _) used for action parameter names. Previously, due to bug in the code, any character was allowed.

      If validation fails, pack registration will fail. If you have an existing action or pack definition which uses invalid characters, pack registration will fail. You must update your packs.

    • For consistency with new pack name validation changes, sample hello-st2 pack has been renamed to hello_st2.

    • Fix packs.uninstall action so it also deletes configs and policies which belong to the pack which is being uninstalled. (bug fix)

    • Update packs.install action (pack install command) to only load resources from the packs which are being installed. Also update it and remove “restart sensor container” step from the install workflow. This step hasn’t been needed for a while now because sensor container dynamically reads a list of available sensors from the database and starts the sub processes. (improvement)

    • Remove action because .gitinfo file has been deprecated with the new pack management approach. Now pack directories are actual checkouts of the corresponding pack git repositories so this file is not needed anymore.

  • Add new POST /v1/actionalias/match API endpoint which allows users to perform ChatOps action alias matching server-side. This makes it easier to build and maintain StackStorm ChatOps clients / adapters for various protocols and mediums. Clients can now be very thin wrappers around this new API endpoint.

    Also add two new corresponding CLI commands - st2 alias-execution match and st2 alias-execution execute. Contribution by Anthony Shaw. (new feature) #2895.

  • Adding ability to pass complex array types via CLI by first trying to seralize the array as JSON and then falling back to comma separated array.

  • Add new core.pause action. This action behaves like sleep and can be used inside the action chain or Mistral workflows where waiting / sleeping is desired before proceeding with a next task. Contribution by Paul Mulvihill. (new feature) #2933.

  • When a policy cancels a request due to concurrency, it leaves end_timestamp set to None which the notifier expects to be a date. This causes an exception in “isotime.format()”. A patch was released that catches this exception, and populates payload[‘end_timestamp’] with the equivalent of “” when the exception occurs.

  • Adding check for datastore Client expired tokens used in sensor container

  • Improve API exception handling and make sure 400 status code is returned instead of 500 on mongoengine field validation error. (improvement)

  • Throw a more user-friendly exception if rendering a dynamic configuration value inside the config fails. (improvement)

  • Change st2api so that a full execution object is returned instead of an error message, when an API client requests cancellation of an execution that is already canceled

  • Speed up short-lived Python runner actions by up to 70%. This way done by re-organizing and re-factoring code to avoid expensive imports such as jsonschema, jinja2, kombu and mongoengine in the places where those imports are not actually needed and by various other optimizations. (improvement)

  • Improve performance of GET /executions/views/filters by creating additional indexes on executions collection

  • Allow user to supply multiple resource ids using ?id query parameter when filtering “get all” API endpoint result set (e.g. ?id=1,2,3,4). This allows for a better client and servers performance when user is polling and interested in multiple resources such as polling on multiple action executions. (improvement)

  • Upgrade various internal Python library dependencies to the latest stable versions (gunicorn, kombu, six, appscheduler, passlib, python-gnupg, semver, paramiko, python-keyczar, virtualenv).

  • Add support for ssh config file for ParamikoSSHrunner. Now ssh_config_file_path can be set in st2 config and can be used to access remote hosts when use_ssh_config is set to True. However, to access remote hosts, action paramters like username and password/private_key, if provided with action, will have precedence over the config file entry for the host. #2941 #3032 #3058 [Eric Edgar] (improvement)

  • Fix python action runner actions and make sure that modules from st2common/st2common/runners directory don’t pollute PYTHONPATH for python runner actions. (bug fix)

2.0.1 - September 30, 2016

  • Fix st2 execution get command so now --attr argument correctly works with child properties of the result and trigger_instance dictionary (e.g. --attr result.stdout result.stderr). (bug fix)
  • Update traces list API endpoint and st2 trace list so the traces are sorted by start_timestamp in descending order by default. This way it’s consistent with executions list and -n CLI parameter works as expected. (improvement)
  • Allow users to specify sort order when listing traces using the API endpoint by specifying ?sort_desc=True|False query parameters and by passing --sort=asc|desc parameter to the st2 trace list CLI command. (improvement)
  • Fix a bug with action default parameter values not supporting Jinja template notation for parameters of type object. (bug fix, improvement)
  • Fix --user / -u argument in the st2 key delete CLI command.
  • Retry connecting to RabbitMQ on services start-up if connecting fails because of an intermediate network error or similar. (improvements)
  • Allow jinja expressions {{}} and {{}} to access datastore items from workflows, actions and rules. This is in addition to supporting expressions {{}} and {{}}. In subsequent releases, the expressions {{system.}} and {{user.}} will be deprecated. It is recommended to switch to using {{st2kv.system.}} and {{st2kv.user.}} for your content. (improvement)

2.0.0 - August 31, 2016

  • Implement custom Jinja filter functions to_json_string, to_yaml_string, to_human_time_from_seconds that can be used in actions and workflows. (improvement)

  • Refactor Jinja filter functions into appropriate modules. (improvement)

  • Default chatops message to include time taken to complete an execution. This uses to_human_time_from_seconds function. (improvement)

  • Fix a bug when jinja templates with filters (for example, st2 run core.local cmd='echo {{"1.6.0" | version_bump_minor}}') in parameters wasn’t rendered correctly when executing actions. (bug-fix)

  • Allow user to cancel multiple executions using a single invocation of st2 execution cancel command by passing multiple ids to the command - st2 execution cancel <id 1> <id 2> <id n> (improvement)

  • We now execute –register-rules as part of st2ctl reload. PR raised by Vaishali:

  • Bump default timeout for packs.load command from 60 to 100 seconds. (improvement)

  • Change Python runner action and sensor Python module loading so the module is still loaded even if the module name clashes with another module which is already in PYTHONPATH (improvement)

  • Fix validation of the action parameter type attribute provided in the YAML metadata. Previously we allowed any string value, now only valid types (object, string, number, integer, array, null) are allowed. (bug fix)

  • Upgrade pip and virtualenv libraries used by StackStorm pack virtual environments to the latest versions (8.1.2 and 15.0.3).

  • Allow user to list and view rules using the API even if a rule in the database references a non-existent trigger. This shouldn’t happen during normal usage of StackStorm, but it makes it easier for the user to clean up in case database ends up in a inconsistent state. (improvement)

  • Update packs.uninstall command to print a warning message if any rules in the system reference a trigger from a pack which is being uninstalled. (improvement)

  • Fix disabling and enabling of a sensor through an API and CLI. (bug-fix)

  • Fix HTTP runner so it works correctly when body is provided with newer versions of requests library (>= 2.11.0). (bug-fix) #2880

    Contribution by Shu Sugimoto.

1.6.0 - August 8, 2016

  • Upgrade to pymongo 3.2.2 and mongoengine 0.10.6 so StackStorm now also supports and works with MongoDB 3.x. (improvement)
  • Make sure policies which are disabled are not applied. (bug fix) Reported by Brian Martin.
  • Allow user to specify an action which is performed on an execution (delay, cancel) when a concurrency policy is used and a defined threshold is reached. For backward compatibility, delay is a default behavior, but now user can also specify cancel and an execution will be canceled instead of delayed when a threshold is reached.
  • Update action runner to use two internal green thread pools - one for regular (non-workflow) and one for workflow actions. Both pool sizes are user-configurable. This should help increase the throughput of a single action runner when the system is not over-utilized. It can also help prevent deadlocks which may occur when using delay policies with action-chain workflows. (improvement)
  • Update CLI commands to make sure that all of them support --api-key option. (bug-fix)
  • Add support for sorting execution list results, allowing access to oldest items. (improvement)
  • Allow administrator to configure maximum limit which can be specified using ?limit query parameters when making API calls to get all / list endpoints. For backward compatibility and safety reasons, the default value still is 100. (improvement)
  • Update st2-register-content script to exit with non-zero on failure (e.g. invalid resource metadata, etc.) by default. For backward compatibility reasons, --register-fail-on-failure flag was left there, but it now doesn’t do anything since this is the default behavior. For ease of migrations, users can revert to the old behavior by using new --register-no-fail-on-failure flag. (improvement)
  • Allow Python runner actions to return execution status (success, failure) by returning a tuple from the run() method. First item in the tuple is a flag indicating success (True / False) and the second one is the result. Previously, user could only cause action to fail by throwing an exception or exiting which didn’t allow for a result to be returned. With this new approach, user can now also return an optional result with a failure. (new feature)
  • Include a chatops alias sample in examples pack that shows how to use format option to display chatops messages in custom formatted way. (improvement)
  • Fix Internal Server Error when an undefined jinja variable is used in action alias ack field. We now send a http status code 201 but also explicitly say we couldn’t render the ack field. The ack is anyways a nice-to-have message which is not critical. Previously, we still kicked off the execution but sent out Internal Server Error which might confuse the user whether execution was kicked off or not. (bug-fix)
  • Include testing for chatops format_execution_result python action. The tests cover various action types. (improvement)
  • Include a field elapsed_seconds in execution API response for GET calls. The clients using the API can now use elapsed_seconds without having to repeat computation. (improvement)
  • Update st2-register-content script so it validates new style configs in /opt/stackstorm/configs/ directory when using --register-configs flag if a pack contains a config schema (config.schema.yaml). (improvement)
  • Implement custom YAQL function st2kv in Mistral to get key-value pair from StackStorm’s datastore. (new-feature)

1.5.1 - July 13, 2016

  • Fix trigger registration when using st2-register-content script with --register-triggers flag. (bug-fix)
  • Fix an issue with CronTimer sometimes not firing due to TriggerInstance creation failure. (bug-fix) Reported by Cody A. Ray
  • Add support for default values when a new pack configuration is used. Now if a default value is specified for a required config item in the config schema and a value for that item is not provided in the config, default value from config schema is used. (improvement)
  • Allow user to prevent execution parameter merging when re-running an execution by passing ?no_merge=true query parameter to the execution re-run API endpoint. (improvement)
  • Add support for posixGroup to the enterprise LDAP auth backend. (improvement, bug-fix)

1.5.0 - June 24, 2016

  • SSL support for mongodb connections. (improvement)
  • TriggerInstances now have statuses to help track if a TriggerInstance has been processed, is being processed or failed to process. This bring out some visibility into parts of the TriggerInstance processing pipeline and can help identify missed events. (new-feature)
  • Allow user to enable service debug mode by setting system.debug config file option to True. Note: This is an alternative to the existing --debug CLI flag which comes handy when running API services under gunicorn. (improvement)
  • Fix for data is dropped if message is not present in notification. (bug-fix)
  • Remove now deprecated Fabric based remote runner and corresponding ssh_runner.use_paramiko_ssh_runner config option. (cleanup)
  • Fix support for password protected private key files in the remote runner. (bug-fix)
  • Allow user to provide a path to the private SSH key file for the remote runner private_key parameter. Previously only raw key material was supported. (improvement)
  • Add new API endpoint and corresponding CLI commands (st2 runner disable <name>, st2 runner enable <name>) which allows administrator to disable (and re-enable) a runner. (new feature)
  • Add RBAC support for runner types API endpoints. (improvement)
  • Allow register-setup-virtualenvs flag to be used in combination with register-all in the st2-register-content script.
  • Add get_fixture_content method to all the base pack resource test classes. This method enforces fixture files location and allows user to load raw fixture content from a file on disk. (new feature) future, pack configs will be validated against the schema (if available). (new feature)
  • Add data model and API changes for supporting user scoped variables. (new-feature, experimental)
  • Add missing pytz dependency to st2client requirements file. (bug-fix)
  • Fix datastore access on Python runner actions (set ST2_AUTH_TOKEN and ST2_API_URL env variables in Python runner actions to match sensors). (bug-fix)
  • Remove support for JSON format for resource metadata files. YAML was introduced and support for JSON has been deprecated in StackStorm v0.6. Now the only supported metadata file format is YAML.
  • Add -y / --yaml flag to the CLI list and get commands. If this flag is provided, command response will be formatted as YAML. (new feature)
  • Alias names are now correctly scoped to a pack. This means the same name for alias can be used across different packs. (bug-fix)
  • Ability to migrate api keys to new installs. (new feature)
  • Introduce a new concept of pack config schemas. Each pack can now contain a config.schema.yaml file. This file can contain an optional schema for the pack config. In the
  • Introduce support for pack configs which are located outside of the pack directory in /opt/stackstorm/configs/<pack name>.yaml files. Those files are similar to the existing pack configs, but in addition to the static values they can also contain dynamic values. Dynamic value is a value which contains a Jinja expression which is resolved to the datastore item during run-time. (new feature)
  • Fix a regression in filtering rules by pack with CLI. (bug-fix)
  • Make sure st2-submit-debug-info cleans up after itself and deletes a temporary directory it creates. (improvement) #2714 [Kale Blankenship]
  • Fix string parameter casting - leave actual None value as-is and don’t try to cast it to a string which would fail. (bug-fix, improvement)
  • Allow administrator user who’s context will be used when running an action or re-running an action execution. (new feature)
  • Add a work-around for trigger creation which would case rule creation for CronTrigger to fail under some circumstances. (workaround, bug-fix)
  • Store action execution state transitions (event log) in the log attribute on the ActionExecution object. (new feature)
  • Make sure -a all / --attr=all flag works for st2 execution list command (bug-fix)
  • Lazily establish SFTP connection inside the remote runner when and if SFTP connection is needed. This way, remote runner should now also work under cygwin on Windows if SFTP related functionality (file upload, directory upload, etc.) is not used. (improvement) Reported by Cody A. Ray
  • API and CLI allow rules to be filtered by their enable state. (improvement)
  • Fix SSH bastion host support by ensuring the bastion parameter is passed to the paramiko ssh client. (bug-fix) #2543 [Adam Mielke]
  • Send out a clear error message when SSH private key is passphrase protected but user fails to supply passphrase with private_key when running a remote SSH action. (improvement)
  • Admins will now be able pass --show-secrets when listing api keys to get the key_hash un-masked on the CLI. (new-feature)
  • Add --register-triggers flag to the st2-register-content script and st2ctl. When this flag is provided, all triggers contained within a pack triggers directory are registered, consistent with the behavior of sensors, actions, etc. This feature allows users to register trigger types outside the scope of the sensors. (new-feature) [Cody A. Ray]

1.4.0 - April 18, 2016

  • Passphrase support for the SSH runner. (improvement)

  • Improvements to ChatOps deployments of packs via pack deploy [Jon Middleton]

  • Add extra field to the ActionAlias schema for adapter-specific parameters. (improvement)

  • Dev environment by default now uses gunicorn to spin API and AUTH processes. (improvement)

  • Allow user to pass a boolean value for the cacert st2client constructor argument. This way it now mimics the behavior of the verify argument of the requests.request method. (improvement)

  • Add datastore access to Python runner actions via the action_service which is available to all the Python runner actions after instantiation. (new-feature) #2396 #2511 [Kale Blankenship]

  • Update st2actions.runners.pythonrunner.Action class so the constructor also takes action_service as the second argument.

  • Allow /v1/webhooks API endpoint request body to either be JSON or url encoded form data. Request body type is determined and parsed accordingly based on the value of Content-Type header. Note: For backward compatibility reasons we default to JSON if Content-Type header is not provided. #2473 [David Pitman]

  • Bug fixes to allow Sensors to have their own log files. #2487 [Andrew Regan]

  • Display number of seconds which have elapsed for all the executions which have completed when using st2 execution get CLI command. (improvement)

  • Display number of seconds elapsed for all the child tasks of a workflow action when using st2 execution get CLI command. (improvement)

  • Various improvements in the linux.wait_for_ssh action:

    • Support for password based authentication.
    • Support for non-RSA SSH keys.
    • Support for providing a non-default (22) SSH server port.
    • Support for using default system user (stanley) ssh key if neither password nor keyfile parameter is provided.
  • Support for leading and trailing slashes in the webhook urls. (improvement)

  • Make sure that the filename, module, funcName and lineno attributes which are available in the log formatter string contain the correct values. (bug-fix)

    Reported by Andrew Regan.

  • Update matchregex rule criteria operator so it uses “dot all” mode where dot (.) character will match any character including new lines. Previously * didn’t match new lines. (improvement)

  • Introduce new matchwildcard rule criteria operator. This operator provides supports for Unix shell-style wildcards (*, ?). (new feature)

  • Allow user to pass verbose parameter to linux.rm action. For backward compatibility reasons it defaults to true. (improvement)

  • Make sure that sensor container child processes take into account --use-debugger flag passed to the sensor container. This fixes support for remote debugging for sensor processes. (bug-fix)

  • Drop deprecated and unused system.admin_users config option which has been replaced with RBAC.

  • Add --output and --existing-file options to st2-submit-debug-info. [Kale Blankenship]

  • Move stream functionality from st2api into a new standalone st2stream service. Similar to st2api and st2auth, stream is now a standalone service and WSGI app. (improvement)

  • Allow user to specify a timezone in the CLI client config (~/.st2/config). If the timezone is specified, all the timestamps displayed by the CLI will be shown in the configured timezone instead of a default UTC display. (new feature)

  • Add attachments parameter to the core.sendmail action. (improvement) [Cody A. Ray]

  • Add --register-setup-virtualenvs flag to the register-content script and st2ctl. When this flag is provided, Python virtual environments are created for all the registered packs. This option is to be used with distributed setup where action runner services run on multiple hosts to ensure virtual environments exist on all those hosts. (new-feature)

  • Update core.st2.CronTimer so it supports more of the cron-like expressions (a-b, */a, x,y,z, etc.). (improvement)

  • Add new regex and iregex rule criteria operator and deprecate matchregex in favor of those two new operators. (new-feature) [Jamie Evans]

  • Record failures to enforce rules due to missing actions or parameter validation errors. A RuleEnforcement object will be created for failed enforcements that do not lead to an ActionExecution creation. (improvement)

  • Add support for better serialization of the following parameter types for positional parameters used in the local and remote script runner actions: integer, float, boolean, list, object. Previously those values were serialized as Python literals which made parsing them in the shell scripts very cumbersome. Now they are serialized based on the simple rules described in the documentation which makes it easy to use just by using simple shell primitives such as if statements and IFS for lists. (improvement, new feature)

  • Fix linux.traceroute action. (bug fix)

  • Fix a bug with positional argument handling in the local script runner. Now the arguments with a no value or value of None are correctly passed to the script. (bug fix)

  • Fix rule criteria comparison and make sure that falsy criteria pattern values such as integer 0 are handled correctly. (bug-fix)

    Reported by Igor Cherkaev.

  • Add -v flag (verbose mode) to the st2-run-pack-tests script. (improvement)

  • The list of required and optional configuration arguments for the LDAP auth backend has changed. The LDAP auth backend supports other login name such as sAMAccountName. This requires a separate service account for the LDAP backend to query for the DN related to the login name for bind to validate the user password. Also, users must be in one or more groups specified in group_dns to be granted access.

  • Mistral has deprecated the use of task name (i.e. $.task1) to reference task result. It is replaced with a task function that returns attributes of the task such as id, state, result, and additional information (i.e. task(task1).result).

  • Add support for additional SSH key exchange algorithms to the remote runner via upgrade to paramiko 1.16.0. (new feature)

  • Add initial code framework for writing unit tests for action aliases. For the usage, please refer to the “Pack Testing” documentation section. (new feature)

  • For consistency rename deploy_pack alias to pack_deploy.

  • Fix alias executions API endpoint and make sure an exception is thrown if the user provided command string doesn’t match the provided format string. Previously, a non-match was silently ignored. (bug fix)

  • Add custom use_none Jinja template filter which can be used inside rules when invoking an action. This filter ensures that None values are correctly serialized and is to be used when TriggerInstance payload value can be None and None is also a valid value for a particular action parameter. (improvement, workaround)

1.3.2 - February 12, 2016

  • Remove get_open_ports action from Linux pack.

1.3.1 - January 25, 2016

  • Make sure of st2client package doesn’t rely on functionality which is only available in newer versions of pip.
  • Fix an issue where trigger watcher cannot get messages from queue if multiple API processes are spun up. Now each trigger watcher gets its own queue and therefore there are no locking issues. (bug-fix)
  • Dev environment by default now uses gunicorn to spin API and AUTH processes. (improvement)
  • Allow user to pass a boolean value for the cacert st2client constructor argument. This way it now mimics the behavior of the verify argument of the requests.request method. (improvement)

1.3.0 - January 22, 2016

  • Allow user to pass env parameter to packs.setup_virtualenv and packs.install action.

    This comes handy if user wants pip to use an HTTP(s) proxy (HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY environment variable) when installing pack dependencies. (new feature)

  • Ability to view causation chains in Trace. This helps reduce the noise when using Trace to identify specific issues. (new-feature)

  • Filter Trace components by model types to only view ActionExecutions, Rules or TriggerInstances. (new-feature)

  • Include ref of the most meaningful object in each trace component. (new-feature)

  • Ability to hide trigger-instance that do not yield a rule enforcement. (new-feature)

  • Change the rule list columns in the CLI from ref, pack, description and enabled to ref, trigger.ref, action.ref and enabled. This aligns closer the UI and also brings important information front and center. (improvement)

  • Action and Trigger filters for rule list (new-feature)

  • Add missing logrotate config entry for st2auth service. #2294 [Vignesh Terafast]

  • Support for object already present in the DB for st2-rule-tester (improvement)

  • Add --register-fail-on-failure flag to st2-register-content script. If this flag is provided, the script will fail and exit with non-zero status code if registering some resource fails. (new feature)

  • Add a missing get_logger method to the MockSensorService`. This method now returns an instance of Mock class which allows user to assert that a particular message has been logged. [Tim Ireland, Tomaz Muraus]

  • Introduce a new abandoned state that is applied to executions that we cannot guarantee as completed. Typically happen when an actionrunner currently running some executions quits or is killed via TERM.

  • Add new st2garbagecollector service which periodically deletes old data from the database as configured in the config. By default, no old data is deleted unless explicitly configured in the config.

  • All published variables can be available in the result of ActionChain execution under the published property if display_published property is specified.

  • Allow user to specify TTL when creating datastore item using CLI with the --ttl option. (improvement)

  • Fix validation error when None is passed explicitly to an optional argument on action execution. (bug fix)

  • Deprecated params action attribute in the action chain definition in favor of the new parameters attribute. (improvement)

  • Fix action parameters validation so that only a selected set of attributes can be overriden for any runner parameters. (bug fix)

  • Fix type in the headers parameter for the http-request runner. (bug fix)

  • Fix runaway action triggers caused by state miscalculation for mistral workflow. (bug fix)

  • Throw a more friendly error message if casting parameter value fails because the value contains an invalid type or similar. (improvement)

  • Use --always-copy option when creating virtualenv for packs from packs.setup_virtualenv action. This is required when st2actionrunner is kicked off from python within a virtualenv.

  • Fix a bug in the remote script runner which would throw an exception if a remote script action caused a top level failure (e.g. copying artifacts to a remote host failed). (bug-fix)

  • Display execution parameters when using st2 execution get <execution id> CLI command for workflow executions. (improvement)

  • Fix execution cancellation for task of mistral workflow. (bug fix)

  • Fix runaway action triggers caused by state miscalculation for mistral workflow. (bug fix)

  • The --tasks option in the CLI for st2 execution get and st2 run will be renamed to --show-tasks to avoid conflict with the tasks option in st2 execution re-run.

  • Add option to rerun one or more tasks in mistral workflow that has errored. (new-feature)

  • Fix a bug when removing notify section from an action meta and registering it never removed the notify section from the db. (bug fix)

  • Make sure action specific short lived authentication token is deleted immediately when execution is canceled. (improvement)

  • Ignore lock release errors which could occur while reopening log files. This error could simply indicate that the lock was never acquired.

  • Replace chatops.format_result with chatops.format_execution_result and remove dependency on st2 pack from st2contrib.

  • Trace also maintains causation chain through workflows.

1.2.0 - December 07, 2015

  • Refactor retries in the Mistral action runner to use exponential backoff. Configuration options for Mistral have changed. (improvement)
  • Add SSH bastion host support to the paramiko SSH runner. Utilizes same connection parameters as the targeted box. (new feature, improvement) #2144, #2150 [Logan Attwood]
  • Update action chain runner so it performs on-success and on-error task name validation during pre_run time. This way common errors such as typos in the task names can be spotted early on since there is no need to wait for the run time.
  • Change headers and params core.http action paramer type from string to object.
  • Don’t allow action parameter type attribute to be an array since rest of the code doesn’t support parameters with multiple types. (improvement)
  • Fix trigger parameters validation for system triggers during rule creation - make sure we validate the parameters before creating a TriggerDB object. (bug fix)
  • Update local runner so all the commands which are executed as a different user and result in using sudo set $HOME variable to the home directory of the target user. (improvement)
  • Fix a bug with a user inside the context of the live action which was created using alias execution endpoint incorrectly being set to the system user (stanley) instead of the authenticated user which triggered the execution. (bug fix)
  • Include state_info for Mistral workflow and tasks in the action execution result. (improvement)
  • Introduce a new timeout action execution status which represents an action execution timeout. Previously, executions which timed out had status set to failure. Keep in mind that timeout is just a special type of a failure. (new feature)
  • --debug flag no longer implies profiling mode. If you want to enable profiling mode, you need to explicitly pass --profile flag to the binary. To reproduce the old behavior, simply pass both flags to the binary - --debug --profile.
  • Fix policy loading and registering - make sure we validate policy parameters against the parameters schema when loading / registering policies. (bug fix, improvement)
  • Fix policy trigger for action execution cancellation. (bug fix)
  • Improve error reporting for static error in ActionChain definition e.g. incorrect reference in default etc. (improvement)
  • Fix action chain so it doesn’t end up in an infinite loop if an action which is part of the chain is canceled. (bug fix)
  • Allow jinja templating to be used in message and data field for notifications.(new feature)
  • Add tools for purging executions (also, liveactions with it) and trigger instances older than certain UTC timestamp from the db in bulk.
  • Fix json representation of trace in cli. (bug fix)
  • Introducing noop runner and core.noop action. Returns consistent success in a WF regardless of user input. (new feature)
  • Add missing indexes on trigger_instance_d_b collection. (bug fix)
  • Add mock classes (st2tests.mocks.*) for easier unit testing of the packs. (new feature)
  • Add a script (./st2common/bin/st2-run-pack-tests) for running pack tests. (new feature)
  • Modify ActionAliasFormatParser to work with regular expressions and support more flexible parameter matching. (improvement)
  • Move ChatOps pack to st2 core.
  • Support for formatting of alias acknowledgement and result messages in AliasExecution. (new feature)
  • Support for “representation+value” format strings in aliases. (new feature)
  • Support for disabled result and acknowledgement messages in aliases. (new feature)
  • Add ability to write rule enforcement (models that represent a rule evaluation that resulted in an action execution) to db to help debugging rules easier. Also, CLI bindings to list and view these models are added. (new-feature)
  • Purge tool now uses delete_by_query and offloads delete to mongo and doesn’t perform app side explicit model deletion to improve speed. (improvement)

1.1.1 - November 13, 2015

  • Improve speed of st2 execution list command by not requesting result and trigger_instance attributes. The effect of this change will be especially pronounced for installations with a lot of large executions (large execution for this purpose is an execution with a large result).
  • Improve speed of st2 execution get command by not requesting result and trigger_instance attributes.
  • Now when running st2api service in debug mode (--debug) flag, all the JSON responses are pretty indented.
  • When using st2 execution list and st2 execution get CLI commands, display execution elapsed time in seconds for all the executions which are currently in “running” state.
  • Fix a race condition in sensor container where a sensor which takes <= 5 seconds to shut down could be respawned before it exited. (bug fix) #2187 [Kale Blankenship]
  • Add missing entry for st2notifier service to the logrotate config. (bug fix)
  • Allow action parameter values who’s type is object to contain special characters such as . and $ in the parameter value. (bug fix, improvement)
  • Allow user to specify URL which Mistral uses to talk to StackStorm API using mistral.api_url configuration option. If this option is not provided it defaults to the old behavior of using the public API url (auth.api_url setting). (improvement)

1.1.0 - October 27, 2015

  • Add YAQL v1.0 support to Mistral. Earlier versions are deprecated. (improvement)
  • Update CLI so st2 run / st2 execution run and st2 execution re-run commands exit with non-zero code if the action fails. (improvement)
  • Move st2auth service authentication backends to a “repo per backend” model. Backends are now also dynamically discovered and registered which makes it possible to easily create and use custom backends. For backward compatibility reasons, flat_file backend is installed And available by default. (new feature, improvement)
  • New st2auth authentication backend for authenticating against LDAP servers - (new feature)
  • Default to rule being disabled if the user doesn’t explicitly specify enabled attribute when creating a rule via the API or inside the rule metadata file when registering local content (previously it defaulted to enabled).
  • Fix timestamp_lt and timestamp_gt filtering in the /executions API endpoint. Now we return a correct result which is expected from a user-perspective. (bug-fix)
  • Enable Mistral workflow cancellation via st2 execution cancel. (improvement)
  • Make sure that alias execution endpoint returns a correct status code and error message if the referenced action doesn’t exist.
  • Allow action-alias to be created and deleted from CLI.
  • Allow user to select keystone backend in the st2auth service. (bug-fix)
  • Fix action so it correctly exists with a non-zero status code if the pack doesn’t exist or if it doesn’t contain a valid .gitinfo file. (bug-fix)
  • Fix action so it correctly searches all the packs base dirs. (bug-fix)
  • Add support for --profile flag to all the services. When this flag is provided service runs in the profiling module which means all the MongoDB queries and query related profile data is logged. (new-feature)
  • Introduce API Keys that do not expire like Authentication tokens. This makes it easier to work with webhook based integrations. (new-feature)
  • Allow user to define trigger tags in sensor definition YAML files. (new feature) #2000 [Tom Deckers]
  • Fix a bug in stdout and stderr consumption in paramiko SSH runner where reading a fixed chunk byte array and decoding it could result in multi-byte UTF-8 character being read half way resulting in UTF-8 decode error. This happens only when output is greater than default chunk size (1024 bytes) and script produces utf-8 output. We now collect all the bytes from channel and only then decode the byte stream as utf-8.
  • Update CLI so it supports caching tokens for different users (it creates a different file for each user). This means you can now use ST2_CONFIG_FILE option without disabling token cache. (improvement)
  • Cleanup timers and webhook trigger definitions once all rules referencing them are removed. (bug-fix)
  • Enable pseudo tty when running remote SSH commands with the paramiko SSH runner. This is done to match existing Fabric behavior. (bug-fix)
  • Fix CLI so it skips automatic authentication if credentials are provided in the config on “auth” command. (bug fix)
  • Strip the last ‘r’ or ‘rn’ from both stdout and stderr streams from paramiko and local runner output. This is done to be compatible with fabric output of those streams. (bug-fix)
  • Include parameters when viwewing output an execution on the CLI. (improvement)
  • CLI renders parameters and output as yaml for better readability. (improvement)
  • Set env variables (user provided and system assigned) before running remote command or script action with paramiko. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug in Paramiko SSH runner where cwd could just be accessed in sudo mode but cd was outside scope of sudo in the command generated. Now, cd is inside the scope of sudo. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug in Paramiko SSH runner where kwargs keys in script arguments were not shell injection safe. For example, kwarg key could contain spaces. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug in Paramiko SSH runner where JSON output in stdout or stderr wasn’t transformed to object automatically. (bug-fix)
  • Paramiko SSH runner no longer runs a remote command with sudo if local user and remote user differ. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with the CLI token precedence - now the auth token specified as an environment variable or as a command line argument has precedence over credentials in the CLI config. (bug fix)
  • Support versioned APIs for auth controller. For backward compatibility, unversioned API calls get redirected to versioned controllers by the server. (improvement)
  • Add option to verify SSL cert for HTTPS request to the core.http action. (new feature)
  • Update remote runner to include stdout and stderr which was consumed so far when a timeout occurs. (improvement)
  • Fix st2-self-check script to check whether to use http/https when connecting to st2, to disable Windows test by default, and to check test status correctly. (bug-fix)
  • Reduce the wait time between message consumption by TriggerWatcher to avoid latency (improvement)
  • Use exclusive messaging Qs for TriggerWatcher to avoid having to deal with old messages and related migration scripts. (bug-fix)
  • Allow user to specify value for the From field in the sendmail action by passing from parameter to the action. (improvement) [pixelrebel]
  • Allow user to update / reinstall Python dependencies listed in requirements.txt inside the pack virtual environment by passing update=True parameter to packs.setup_virtualenv action or by using new packs.update_virtualenv action. (new feature) [jsjeannotte]
  • Pack on install are now assigned an owner group. The pack_group property allows to pick this value and default is st2packs. (new feature)
  • Make sure sensor container child processes (sensor instance processes) are killed and cleaned up if the sensor container is forcefully terminated (SIGKILL). (bug fix, improvement)

0.13.2 - September 09, 2015

  • Private_key supplied for remote_actions is now used to auth correctly. private_key argument should be the contents of private key file (of user specified in username argument). (bug-fix)
  • Last newline character (‘n’) is now stripped from stdout and stderr fields in local and remote command/shell runners. (improvement)
  • Fix sensor container service so the config argument is correctly passed to the sensor instances in the system packs. Previously, this argument didn’t get passed correctly to the FileWatchSensor from the system linux pack. (bug-fix)
  • Make sure sensor processes correctly pick up parent --debug flag. This makes debugging a lot easier since user simply needs to start sensor container with --debug flag and all the sensor logs with level debug or higher will be routed to the container log. (improvement)

0.13.2 - September 09, 2015

  • private_key supplied for remote_actions is now used to auth correctly. private_key argument should be the contents of private key file (of user specified in username argument). (bug-fix)
  • Last newline character (‘n’) is now stripped from stdout and stderr fields in local and remote command/shell runners. (improvement)
  • Fix sensor container service so the config argument is correctly passed to the sensor instances in the system packs. Previously, this argument didn’t get passed correctly to the FileWatchSensor from the system linux pack. (bug-fix)
  • Make sure sensor processes correctly pick up parent --debug flag. This makes debugging a lot easier since user simply needs to start sensor container with --debug flag and all the sensor logs with level debug or higher will be routed to the container log. (improvement)

0.13.1 - August 28, 2015

  • cwd for paramiko script runner should use cwd provided as runner parameter. (bug-fix)
  • Fix timer regression; bring brake broken timers. (bug-fix)
  • Updates to trace objects are done via non-upsert updates by adding to the array. This makes it safer to update trace objects from multiple processes. (bug-fix)

0.13.0 - August 24, 2015

  • Add new OpenStack Keystone authentication backend. [Itxaka Serrano]
  • Information about parent workflow is now a dict in child’s context field. (improvement)
  • Fix a bug when some runner parameter default values where not overridden when a falsey value was used in the action metadata parameter override (e.g. False, 0). [Eugen C.]
  • Correctly return 404 if user requests an invalid path which partially maps to an existing path. (bug-fix)
  • Add support for restarting sensors which exit with a non-zero status code to the sensor container. Sensor container will now automatically try to restart (up to 2 times) sensor processes which die with a non-zero status code. (improvement)
  • Support for RabbitMQ cluster. StackStorm works with a RabbitMQ cluster and switches nodes on failover. (feature)
  • Add index to the ActionExecution model to speed up query. (improvement)
  • Fix sort key in the ActionExecution API controller. (bug-fix)
  • Introduce a Paramiko SSH runner that uses eventlets to run scripts or commands in parallel. (improvement) (experimental)
  • Add action parameters validation to Mistral workflow on invocation. (improvement)
  • Fix key name for error message in liveaction result. (bug-fix)
  • Fix 500 API response when rule with no pack info is supplied. (bug-fix)
  • Fix bug in trigger-instance re-emit (extra kwargs passed to manager is now handled). (bug-fix)
  • Rename notification “channels” to “routes”. (improvement)
  • Make sure auth hook and middleware returns JSON and “Content-Type: application/json” header in every response. (improvement, bug-fix)
  • Fix bug in triggers emitted on key value pair changes and sensor spawn/exit. When dispatching those triggers, the reference used didn’t contain the pack names which meant it was invalid and lookups in the rules engine would fail. (bug-fix)
  • Allow user to include files which are written on disk inside the action create API payload. (new feature)
  • Allow user to retrieve content of a file inside a pack by using the new /packs/views/files/ API endpoint. (new feature)
  • Handle sudo in paramiko remote script runner. (bug-fix)
  • Turn on paramiko ssh runner as the default ssh runner in prod configuration. To switch to fabric runner, set use_paramiko_ssh_runner to false in st2.conf. (improvement)
  • Add OpenStack Keystone authentication configuration for Mistral. (improvement)
  • Abiltiy to add trace tag to TriggerInstance from Sensor. (feature)
  • Ability to view trace in CLI with list and get commands. (feature)
  • Add ability to add trace tag to st2 run CLI command. (feature)
  • Add ability to specify trace id in st2 run CLI command. (feature)
  • Update st2ctl to correctly start st2web even if even if Mistral is no installed. (bug-fix, improvement)
  • Add X-Request-ID header to all API calls for easier debugging. (improvement)
  • Add new CLI commands for disabling and enabling content pack resources ({sensor,action,rule} {enable, disable} <ref or id>) (feature)
  • Fix a bug in handling positional arguments with spaces. (bug-fix)
  • Make sure that the $PATH environment variable which is set for the sandboxed Python process contains “<virtualenv path>/bin” directory as the first entry. (bug fix)

0.12.2 - August 11, 2015

  • Support local ssh config file in remote runners. (feature)
  • Changes to htpasswd file used in flat_file auth backend do not require a restart of st2auth and consequently StackStorm. (feature)

0.12.1 - July 31, 2015

  • Un-registering a pack also removes rules and action aliases from the pack. (bug-fix)
  • Disable parallel SSH in fabric runner which causes issues with eventlets. (bug-fix)
  • Fix executions stuck in running state if runner container throws exception. (bug-fix)
  • Fix cases where liveaction result in dict are escaped and passed to Mistral. (bug-fix)

0.12.0 - July 20, 2015

  • Add support for script arguments to the Windows script runner. (new feature) [James Sigurðarson]
  • Allow user to filter executions on trigger instance id. [Sayli Karmarkar]
  • By default the following environment variables are now available to the actions executed by local, remote and python runner: ST2_ACTION_API_URL, ST2_ACTION_AUTH_TOKEN. (new-feature)
  • Jinja filter to make working with regex and semver possible in any place that support jinja (improvement)
  • New experimental workflow runner based on the open-source CloudSlang project. (new-feature) [Eliya Sadan, Meir Wahnon, Sam Markowitz]
  • Update all the code to handle all the datetime objects internally in UTC. (improvement, bug-fix)
  • Allow users to use timediff_lt and timediff_gt rule comparison operator with many string date formats - previously it only worked with ISO8601 date strings. (improvement)
  • Allow user to specify new secret attribute (boolean) for each action parameters. Values of parameters which have this attribute set to true will be masked in the log files. (new-feature)
  • API server now gracefully shuts down on SIGINT (CTRL-C). (improvement)
  • Fix a bug with with reinstalling a pack with no existing config - only try to move the config file over if it exists. (bug fix)
  • Support for masking secret parameters in the API responses. Secret parameters can only be viewed through the API by admin users. (new-feature)
  • Single sensor mode of Sensor Container uses --sensor-ref instead of --sensor-name.
  • six library is now available by default in the Python sandbox to all the newly installed packs. (improvement)
  • Dispatch an internal trigger when a datastore item has been created, updated, deleted and when it’s value has changed. (new-feature)
  • Fix a bug with st2 execution list CLI command throwing an exception on failed Mistral workflows. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with st2 execution list CLI command not displaying end_timestamp attribute for Mistral workflows. (bug-fix)
  • Add new /v1/packs API endpoint for listing installed packs. (new-feature)
  • Ability to partition sensors across sensor nodes using various partition schemes. (new-feature)
  • Add ability to use action context params as action params in meta. (new-feature)
  • Fix a bug in action container where rendering params was done twice. (bug-fix)
  • Move /exp/actionalias/ and /exp/aliasexecution to /v1/actionalias/ and /v1/aliasexecution/ respectively. (upgrade)
  • Display friendly message for error in parameters validation on action execution. (improvement)

0.11.6 - July 2, 2015

  • Update all the code to handle all the datetime objects internally in UTC. (improvement, bug-fix)

0.11.5 - July 1, 2015

  • Fix a bug where end_timestamp is not captured for Mistral workflow executions (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug where the CLI failed to display Mistral workflow that errored (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug where the published variables is not captured in the Mistral workflow result (bug-fix)

0.11.4 - June 30, 2015

  • Remove unnecessary rule notify_hubot from core.

0.11.3 - June 16, 2015

  • Fix RHEL6 packaging issues

0.11.2 - June 12, 2015

  • Fix a bug with start_timestamp and end_timestamp sometimes returning an invalid value in a local instead of UTC timezone. (bug-fix)
  • Fix to get PollingSensor working again. Sensors of type PollingSensor were not being treated as such and as a result would fail after the 1st poll. (bug-fix)

0.11.1 - June 8, 2015

  • Action aliases are registered by default. (improvement)
  • Repair failing pack installation. (bug-fix)

0.11.0 - June 5, 2015

  • Allow user to configure the CLI using an ini style config file located at ~/.st2rc. (new-feature)
  • Add support for caching of the retrieved auth tokens to the CLI. (new-feature)
  • Throw a more-user friendly exception when enforcing a rule if an action referenced inside the rule definition doesn’t exist. (improvement)
  • Fix a bug with the rule evaluation failing if the trigger payload contained a key with a dot in the name. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with publishing array (list) values as strings inside the action chain workflows. (bug-fix)
  • Update CLI so it displays the error at the top level when using run, execution run or execution get when executed workflow fails. (improvement)
  • Action trigger now contains execution id as opposed to liveaction id. (bug-fix)
  • Add new API endpoint for re-running an execution (POST /executions/<id>/re_run/). (new-feature)
  • Rules should be part of a pack. (improvement)
  • Update Windows runner code so it also works with a newer versions of winexe (> 1.0). (improvement) [James Sigurðarson]
  • CLI now has get and list commands for triggerinstance. (new-feature)
  • Validate parameters during rule creation for system triggers. (improvement)
  • CLI now has re-emit command for triggerinstance. (new-feature)

v0.9.2 - May 26, 2015

  • Fix broken action. (bug-fix)

v0.9.1 - May 12, 2015

  • Allow option to bypass SSL Certificate Check (improvement)
  • Fix a bug with alias parser to support empty formats (bug-fix)
  • Return HTTP BAD REQUEST when TTL requested for token > Max configured TTL (improvement)

v0.9.0 - April 29, 2015

  • Report a more user-friendly error if an action-chain task references an invalid or inexistent action. Also treat invalid / inexistent action as a top-level action-chain error. (improvement)
  • Report a more user-friendly error if an action-chain definition contains an invalid type. (improvement)
  • Enable authentication by default for package based installations.
  • Rename all st2 processes to be prefixed by st2. (sensor_container is now st2sensorcontainer, rules_engine is now st2rulesengine, actionrunner is now st2actionrunner) (improvement)
  • Return a user friendly error on no sensors found or typo in sensor class name in single sensor mode. (improvement)
  • Sensor container now returns non-zero exit codes for errors. (bug-fix)
  • Check if internal trigger types are already registered before registering them again. (improvement)
  • Sensor container now can dynamically load/reload/unload sensors on data model changes. (new-feature)
  • Fix a bug in datastore operations exposed in st2client. (bug-fix)
  • Catch exception if rule operator functions throw excepton and ignore the rule. (bug-fix)
  • Remove expected “runnertype not found” error logs on action registration in clean db. (improvement)
  • Clean up rule registrar logging. (improvement)
  • Add -t / --only-token flag to the st2 auth command. (new-feature)
  • register param in packs.install should be passed to packs.load. (bug-fix)
  • Fix validation code to validate value types correctly. (bug-fix)
  • Add ability to best-effort cancel actions and actionchain via API. (new-feature)
  • Add new windows-cmd and windows-script runners for executing commands and PowerShell scripts on Windows hosts. (new-feature)
  • Update runner names so they follow a consistent naming pattern. For backward compatibility reasons, runners can still be referenced using their old names. (improvement)
  • Update all the Python services to re-open log files on the SIGUSR1 signal. (new-feature)
  • Internal trigger types registered using APIs should use auth token. (bug-fix)

v0.8.3 - March 23, 2015

  • Don’t allow run-remote-script actions without an entry_point attribute - throw an exception when running an action. (improvement)
  • Fix packs.setup_virtualenv command so it works correctly if user specified multiple packs search paths. (bug-fix)
  • Update sensor container to use auth.api_url setting when talking to the API (e.g. when accessing a datastore, etc.). This way it also works correctly if sensor container is running on a different host than the API. (bug-fix)

v0.8.2 - March 10, 2015

  • Fix a bug with python-runner actions sometimes not correctly reporting the action’s stdout. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug in the run-remote-script runner - the runner ignored environment variables and authentication settings which were supplied to the action as parameters. (bug-fix)

v0.8.1 - March 10, 2015


  • Allow user to exclude particular attributes from a response by passing ?exclude_attributes=result,trigger_instance query parameter to the /actionexecutions/ and /actionexecutions/<execution id>/ endpoint (new-feature)
  • Add new /actionexecutions/<id>/attribute/<attribute name> endpoint which allows user to retrieve a value of a particular action execution attribute. (new-feature)
  • Update execution get CLI command so it automatically detects workflows and returns more user-friendly output by default. (improvement)
  • Update run, action execute, execution get and execution re-run CLI commands to take the same options and return output in the same consistent format.
  • Fix a bug with http runner not parsing JSON HTTP response body if the content-type header also contained a charset. (bug-fix)
  • Indent workflow children properly in CLI (bug-fix)
  • Make sure that wait indicator is visible in CLI on some systems where stdout is buffered. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with end_timestamp attribute on the LiveAction and ActionExecution model containing an invalid value if the action hasn’t finished yet. (bug-fix)
  • Correctly report an invalid authentication information error in the remote runner. (bug-fix)
  • Throw a more friendly error in the action chain runner if it fails to parse the action chain definition file. (improvement)
  • Fix a bug in the action chain runner and make sure action parameters are also available for substitution in the publish scope. (bug-fix)

v0.8.0 - March 2, 2015


  • Allow user to specify current working directory (cwd parameter) when running actions using the local or the remote runner (run-local, run-local-script, run-remote, run-remote-script). (new-feature)
  • Default values of the parameter of an Action can be system values stored in kv-store. (new-feature)
  • Allow users to specify additional paths where StackStorm looks for integration packs using packs_base_paths setting. (new-feature)
  • Allow user to specify which Python binary to use for the Python runner actions using actionrunner.python_binary setting (new-feature)
  • Default Python binary which is used by Python runner actions to be the Python binary which is used by the action runner service. Previous, system’s default Python binary was used.
  • Fix a race-condition / bug which would occur when multiple packs are installed at the same time. (bug-fix)
  • Vars can be defined in the ActionChain. (new-feature)
  • Node in an ActionChain can publish global variables. (new-feature)
  • Allow user to provide authentication token either inside headers (X-Auth-Token) or via x-auth-token query string parameter. (new-feature)
  • Allow actions without parameters. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with rule matching not working for any triggers with parameters. (bug-fix)
  • Require cmd parameter for the following actions: core.remote, core.remote_sudo, core.local, core.local_sudo (bug-fix)
  • Allow user to override authentication information (username, password, private key) on per action basis for all the remote runner actions. (new-feature)
  • Allow user to pass --inherit-env flag to the st2 action run command which causes all the environment variables accessible to the CLI to be sent as env parameter to the action being executed. (new-feature)
  • Cast params of an execution before scheduling in the RulesEngine. This allows non-string parameters in an action. (new-feature)
  • Use QuerySet.count() instead of len(QuerySet) to avoid the caching of the entire result which improve running time of API request. (bug-fix)
  • CLI commands to return non-zero exit codes for failed operations (new-feature)
  • Fix a bug with template rendering, under some conditions, ending in an infinite loop. (bug-fix)
  • Rename ActionExecution to LiveAction. (refactor)
  • Rename ActionExecutionHistory to ActionExecution. (refactor)
  • A separate history process is no longer required. ActionExecution updates are carried at time of update to LiveAction. (refactor)
  • Add new nequals (neq) rule criteria operator. This criteria operator performs not equals check on values of an arbitrary type. (new-feature)
  • Mistral subworkflows kicked off in st2 should include task name. (bug-fix)
  • Add new execution re-run <execution id> CLI command for re-running an existing action. (new-feature)
  • Dispatch an internal trigger when a sensor process is spawned / started (st2.sensor.process_spawn) and when a process exits / is stopped (st2.sensor.process_exit). (new-feature)
  • Update HTTP runner to automatically parse JSON response body if Content-Type is application/json (new-feature)
  • API url /v1/actionexecutions/ is now deprecated in favor of /v1/executions/ (refactor)
  • API url change /v1/history/execution to /v1/executions (refactor)
  • API url change /v1/history/execution/views/filters to /v1/executions/views/filters (refactor)
  • POST to /v1/executions take LiveActionAPI but returns ActionExecutionAPI (refactor)
  • Support for filtering by timestamp and status in executions list. (new-feature)
  • Execution list shows only top level executions by default to see full list use –showall. (refactor)
  • Ability to see child tasks of any execution. (new-feature)
  • Allow sensors to manage global datastore items via sensor_service by passing local=False argument to the get_value, set_value and delete_value methods. (new-feature)
  • Allow sensors to list datastore items using list_values sensor_service method. (new-feature)
  • Allow users to filter datastore items by name prefix by passing ?prefix=<value> query parameter to the /keys endpoint. (new-feature)
  • Fix non-string types to be rendered correctly in action parameters when used in rule. (bug-fix)
  • Allow user to specify default value for required attributes in the definition of action parameters. (bug-fix)
  • When running with auth enabled, correctly preserve the username of the authenticated user who has triggered the action execution. (bug-fix)

v0.7 - January 16, 2015


  • Python runner and all the fabric based runners (run-local, run-local-script, run-remote, run-remote-script) now expose timeout argument. With this argument user can specify action timeout. Previously, the action timeout was not user-configurable and a system-wide default value was used.
  • The time when an action execution has finished is now recorded and available via the end_timestamp attribute on the ActionExecution model.
  • Status code 400 (bad request) is now returned if user doesn’t provide a body to API endpoints which require it. Previously 500 internal server error was returned (bug-fix).
  • Refactor local runners so they are more robust, efficient and easier to debug. Previously, local actions were executed through SSH, now they are executed directly without the overhead of SSH.
  • Fix local runner so it correctly executes a command under the provider system user if user parameter is provided. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with a Trigger database object in some cases being created twice when registering a rule. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with child processes which run sensor code not being killed when stopping a sensor container service. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug and allow user to use non-ascii (unicode) values in the parameter substitution values. (bug-fix)
  • Allow polling sensors to retrieve current poll interval and change it using get_poll_interval and set_poll_interval methods respectively. (new-feature)
  • Add support for a standalone mode to the st2auth service. In the standalone mode, authentication is handled inside the st2auth service using the defined backend. (new feature)
  • Timer is not a sensor anymore. It is spun as part of rules_engine process (refactor)
  • Fix a bug with action registration where action with invalid schema for parameters get registered. (bug-fix)
  • Fix a bug with ‘default’ param values inheritance in runner/actions. (bug-fix)
  • Add new rule criteria comparison operators: iequals, contains, icontains, ncontains, incontains, startswith, istartswith, endswith, iendswith (new-feature)
  • Allow sensors to store temporary data in the datastore using the get_value, set_value and delete_value methods exposed by sensor_service. (new-feature)
  • Allow user to specify TTL for datastore values by sending ttl attribute in the body of a PUT /keys/<key id> request. (new feature)
  • Add new key delete_by_prefix –prefix=<prefix> client command. This command allows deletion of all the keys which name starts with the provided prefix. (new-feature)
  • Add ability to attach tags to Action, Rule and TriggerType.
  • Add ability to query results asynchronously from external services. (new-feature)
  • Action models now use ContentPackResourceMixin so we can get them by ref. (refactor)
  • Add rule_tester tool which allows users to test rules in an offline mode without any services running (new-feature)
  • Fix a bug where trigger objects weren’t created for triggers with different parameters. (bug-fix)
  • st2api only requires st2common and dependencies defined in requirements to be available on the pythonpath thus making it possible to run st2api standalone.
  • Add support for ‘exists’ and ‘nexists’ operators in rule criteria. (new-feature)
  • Change default mode for authentication to standalone. (refactor)

v0.6.0 - December 8, 2014


  • Separate virtualenv per pack. (Pythonic sensors and actions use them by default.)
  • Install pip requirements from requiremets.txt in packs by default.
  • Sensors are now run in their own process for isolation.
  • Python Actions are now run in their own process for isolation.
  • Add Sensor and PollingSensor base classes. (Sensors API change is non-backward compatible.)
  • Separate out rules_engine into own process.
  • YAML support for action, rules and chain meta.
  • Add sensor meta support (JSON/YAML) to specify trigger types.
  • Packs default path moves from /opt/stackstorm to /opt/stackstorm/packs/.
  • Webhooks are not part of a sensor. They are now part of core API. (Authentication may be required.)
  • API URLs are now versioned. All the existing paths have been prefixed with /v1 (e.g. /v1/actions).
  • Audit log messages are now saved in a structured format as JSON in st2actionrunner.{pid}.audit.log log file.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

v0.5.1 - November 3rd, 2014


  • Initial public release