StackStorm is still under active development. We welcome community feedback, and encourage contributions. Here’s our plans for the next releases.


This is a roadmap. It represents our current product direction. All product releases will be on a when-and-if available basis. Actual feature development and timing of releases will be at the sole discretion of the development team. This roadmap does not create a commitment to deliver a specific feature. Contents are subject to change without notice.

If there’s something you really need, remember: this is Open Source. Write and contribute the feature. Pull Requests are open to anyone.


  • Output Schema: Allow action/runner output schemas to cover all output types, not just JSON objects.

  • More will be added to the roadmap for 3.8. So, stay tuned!

Monitor the master branch to see how we’re progressing.


Here’s some more nice things on our list that we haven’t scheduled yet:

  • Python ChatOps: Convert ChatOps backend to Python

  • ChatOps: Support RBAC.

  • K8s/HA: Graduate K8s Helm chart from beta to stable.

  • Workflow runtime graph: Runtime view of workflow execution in st2flow for Extreme Workflow Composer.

  • Workflow dry run: Ability to run unit tests on orquesta workflows for Extreme Workflow Composer.

  • SSO: Support SSO with SAML2 for Extreme Workflow Composer web UI (beta).

  • Job Scheduling: Job scheduling for ad-hoc jobs.

  • Datastore viewer/editor: Datastore viewer/editor at web UI.

  • History and Audit service: History view with advanced search over years worth of execution records, over multiple versions of continuously upgraded StackStorm.

  • At-scale refinements: Ensure event handling reliability, and event storm resilience. Complete support for multi-node deployment of sensor containers and rules engines for resilience and throughput.

  • DB/Filesystem Consistency: Provide better tooling for managing consistency between database and filesystem consistency for rules, actions, sensors, etc.

  • Configurable Sensors: Run multiple instances of the same sensor, with different configurations.

  • Pack Dependency: Better automatic handling of pack dependencies.

  • Pluggable Configuration: Support multiple configuration backends for better security.

  • RBACv2:

    • Filters: Tag and property based filters, more refined and convenient access control.

    • Permissions: Permissions on key value objects, arbitrary triggers, support for a default role.

Something else you’d like to see on the backlog? Submit an issue. Or want to see something implemented sooner? Submit a PR!

Release History

Done in v3.7

  • RHEL/RockyLinux 8: EL8 support continues, despite the deprecation of CentOS 8. We now use RockyLinux 8 to build for and test on EL8.

  • Metadata Overrides: Allow StackStorm administrator to “override” the default resource status that was specified by the pack owners.

  • Action Clone: Actions can be cloned via API, CLI, and web UI.

  • Datastore RBAC: Accessing datastore Key Value pairs can be restricted with RBAC.

  • Action-Alias Testing: Use st2 action-alias test <message string> to easily test action aliase matching and result formatting.

  • Expanded Garbage Collection: The garbage collector cleans up many more resources now.

Done in v3.6

  • RabbitMQ: Updated all OS to use latest RabbitMQ

  • Security improvements: Use Jinja sandbox to mitigate against CVE-2021-44657

  • API changes: Additional option to remove files when deleting packs

  • Service configuration: Changes made to simplify the service configuration to make it simpler to change ports used by services

  • Profiling: New flags to support debugging and profiling –enable-profiler and –enable-eventlet-blocking-detection

Done in v3.5

  • Ubuntu Focal: Add support for Ubuntu 20.04, with Python 3.8 and Mongo 4.4

  • Ubuntu Xenial: Remove support for Ubuntu 16.04

  • Performance improvements: Performance improvements on JSON serialization/deserialization

  • Redis: Add Redis as a coordination backend

Done in v3.4

  • Python 2 deprecation: Updated RHEL/CentOS 7.x and Ubuntu 16.04 to use Python 3.6, and update packs in StackStorm-Exchange

  • RBAC: Integrate st2rbac (previously EWC/BWC) features into core.

  • LDAP: Integrate st2ldap (previously EWC/BWC) features into core.

  • st2flow: Integrate st2flow (previously EWC/BWC) features into st2web.

Done in v3.3

  • RHEL/CentOS: Drop support for RHEL/CentOS 6.x.

  • Mistral deprecation: Orquesta replaces Mistral as the workflow engine.

  • HipChat Removal: The HipChat adapter has been removed from st2chatops.

  • Chef: Deprecated chef-stackstorm deployment.

  • Docker: Overhaul for st2-docker deployment.

  • MongoDB: Require MongoDB 4.0 across all OSes.

Done in v3.2

  • RHEL/CentOS: Support CentOS 8/RHEL 8 with Python 3.6 and MongoDB 4.0.

  • Ubuntu: Stop producing Ubuntu 14.04 packages.

  • Core: Pack install with dependencies.

  • Orquesta: Support task retry in workflow definition.

  • Orquesta: Support rerun of workflow execution from task(s).

Done in v3.1

  • Ubuntu: GA Support Ubuntu 18.04, with Python 3.6

  • Ubuntu: Drop Ubuntu 14.04 support. Packages are still available for a limited time.

  • MongoDB: Support MongoDB 4.0 (required for Ubuntu 18.04).

  • ChatOps: Microsoft Teams GA.

  • Core: Support latest pip and requests().

Done in v3.0

  • Orquesta GA: GA release of “Orquesta” workflow engine.

  • Workflow Designer v2: Complete overhaul of Workflow Designer for easier creation and editing of workflows via a Web UI. Includes Orquesta workflow editing and creation.

  • ChatOps: Microsoft Teams Beta.

  • Python3: All Exchange packs updated for Python3 CI/CD.

  • Legacy Runners: Remove legacy CloudSlang and Winexe runners.

Done in v2.10

  • Orquesta RC: Release Candidate of “Orquesta” workflow engine. Includes with-items, delay, scheduling, notifications, Unicode support. Begin Mistral deprecation.

  • ChatOps: Update ChatOps components.

  • HA: Simplify & streamline running StackStorm in HA mode.

  • k8s: Reference configurations for running StackStorm Community and Enterprise in HA mode on k8s.

  • Ubuntu 18.04: Beta support of Ubuntu 18.04, MongoDB 4.0, Python 3.6.

Done in v2.9

  • Orquesta Second Beta: Second beta of new “Orquesta” workflow engine.

  • WebUI: Real-time streaming output, and Inquiries support

  • Action Output Structure Definition: Enable optional definition of action payload, so that it can be inspected and used when passing data between actions in workflows.

  • k8s: Beta reference configuration for running StackStorm Enterprise in HA mode on k8s.

  • Windows Runners: Add pywinrm-based Windows runner.

Done in v2.8

  • Orquesta Beta: Public beta of new “Orquesta” workflow engine (nb this was originally named “Orchestra”).

  • WebUI: Update look & feel of Web UI, and add “Triggers” tab for troubleshooting rules.

  • Python3 Actions: Support Python 3 actions on a per-pack basis.

  • Metrics Framework: New framework for metrics collection for action results, time, etc.

Done in v2.7

  • Action Versioning: Allow running specific action version - better management of rolling upgrades.

  • Mistral Callbacks: Refactor Mistral to support callbacks instead of polling.

  • UTF-8/Unicode: Allow UTF-8/Unicode characters in pack config files.

  • Virtual Appliance: Vagrantbox/Virtual Appliance with ST2 already installed, for quicker testing.

Done in v2.6

  • React Web UI: Rewrote st2web Web UI to use React framework.

  • Streaming Output: Streaming output enabled by default.

  • Pack Development: Shared lib directory for actions and sensors.

  • st2client: Python 3 support for st2client.

Done in v2.5

  • st2.ask: Support ability to request/provide permission to proceed with workflow.

  • Streaming Output: Provide streaming output from long-running actions as it is received.

Done in v2.4

  • Pack UI: Web interface for pack management.

  • Pause and Resume: Pause and Resume Workflows and ActionChains.

Done in v2.3

  • API Docs: Auto-generated REST API docs - see

  • Monitoring Docs: Create StackStorm monitoring guidelines.

  • Docker based installer: Complete the vision of OS independent, layered Docker-based installer, to increase reliability, modularity, and speed of deployment.

Done in v2.2

  • Mistral Jinja support: Mistral workflows now support Jinja notation.

  • Security improvements: Better default security posture for MongoDB, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL.

Done in v2.1

  • StackStorm Pack Exchange: Make integration and automation packs discoverable, continuously tested, and community rated. Solve the problem of packs spread all over GitHub.

  • Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) support

Done in v1.6

  • MongoDB: MongoDB 3.x support.

  • Datastore: Access K/V datastore from the Mistral workflows.

Done in v1.5

  • Pack configuration: Configuration separated from the pack code.

  • Datastore: Key/value datastore secrets.

Done in v1.4

  • Packaging: Deprecation of All-in-One Installer.

  • Packaging: Native deb/rpm packages with bundled python dependencies.

  • ChatOps: ChatOps API support for Slack/HipChat providers.

Done in v1.3

  • Workflows: st2 re-run - resume failed workflows.

  • Scale: Garbage collection service.

Done in v1.2

  • Packs: Pack Testing support.

  • ChatOps: Fully reworked ChatOps with Jinja templating.

  • Policies: Timeout and retry policies.

Done in v1.1

  • FLOW: Visual workflow representation and drag-and-drop workflow designer.

  • RBAC: Role based access control for packs, actions, triggers and rules.

  • Pluggable authentication backends including PAM, Keystone, Enterprise LDAP.

  • All-in-one installer: production ready single-box reference deployment with graphical setup wizard.

  • RHEL 6 and 7 support

  • Trace-tags: ability to track a complete chain of triggers, rules, executions, related to a given triggering event.

  • Native SSH: replace Fabric; Fabric based SSH still available and can be enabled via config.

  • WebUI major face-lift

Done in v0.11

  • ChatOps: two-way chat integration beyond imagination.

  • More integration packs: Major integrations - Salt, Ansible, some significant others. Check the full list.

Done in v0.9

  • Experimental windows support: windows runner, and windows commands.

  • Web UI complete basics: rule create/edit/delete in UI.

Done in v0.8

  • Web UI: refactor history view, create and edit rules and workflows, add graphical representations for workflow definitions and executions.

  • Improved Mistral integration: simplified Mistral DSL for StackStorm actions, visibility of workflow executions, and reliable of StackStorm-Mistral communication. Includes Mistral improvements, features, and fixes.

  • Operational supportability: Better output formats, better visibility to ongoing actions, better logs, better debugging tools.

  • Scale and reliability improvements: deployed and run at scale, shown some good numbers, and more work identified.

Done in v0.6.0

  • YAML: complete moving to YAML for defining rules, action and trigger metadata, configurations, etc.

  • Plugin isolation and management: Improved managements of sensors, action runners and provide isolated environments.

  • Reliability: improvements on sensor and action isolation and reliability.

See Changelog for the full gory history of everything we’ve delivered so far.

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