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StackStorm is still under active development. We welcome community feedback, and encourage contributions. Here’s what we see as our top priorities:

  • Multi-node deployments: Provide platform support for content deployment to multiple worker nodes, with better integration with git/GitHub. Simplify development and deployment of “automation as code” at scale.
  • Multi target configurations for integration packs: For a given integration pack, define and manage multiple targets. This should allow the user to choose which one of a set of configurations to use for a given action.
  • History and Audit service: History view with advanced search over years worth of execution records, over multiple versions of continuously upgraded StackStorm.
  • At-scale refinements: Ensure event handling reliability, and event storm resilience. Complete support for multi-node deployment of sensor containers and rules engines for resilience and throughput.
  • Security hardening: Complete security audit and address issues discovered so far.
  • First class Windows support: switch to pywinrm for better license. Remote PowerShell via Powershell.REST.API. Windows-native ActionRunners.
  • Projects and Uber-flow: Introduce projects to group and manage rules and workflows. Handle versions and dependencies. “Productize” flow-rule-flow-rule chain pattern, aka “uber-flow”. Manage large number of automations across users and teams, on a single StackStorm deployment at enterprise scale.
  • Action Output Structure Definition: Enable optional definition of action payload, so that it can be inspected and used when passing data between actions in workflows.
  • RBACv2:
    • Filters: Tag and property based filters, more refined and convenient access control.
    • Permissions: Permissions on key value objects, arbitrary triggers, support for a default role to be assigned to new users.
    • WebUI: UI for RBAC configuration.
    • ChatOps: Allow users to authenticate with StackStorm via bot on chat. Check permissions of the user who triggered an action/ran a command. Introduce a special set of permission types for ChatOps.
  • More integration packs: push more content to the community to help work with most common and widely used tools. Tell us if there is a tool you love and think we should integrate with, or better yet write a pack!

Is there some other feature you’re desperately missing? Submit an issue!

Release History

Done in v2.6

  • React Web UI: Rewrote st2web Web UI to use React framework
  • Streaming Output: Streaming output enabled by default
  • Pack Development: Shared lib directory for actions and sensors
  • st2client: Python 3 support for st2client.

Done in v2.5

  • st2.ask: Support ability to request/provide permission to proceed with workflow.
  • Streaming Output: Provide streaming output from long-running actions as it is received.

Done in v2.4

  • Pack UI: Web interface for pack management.
  • Pause and Resume: Pause and Resume Workflows and ActionChains.

Done in v2.3

  • API Docs: Auto-generated REST API docs - see
  • Monitoring Docs: Create StackStorm monitoring guidelines.
  • Docker based installer: Complete the vision of OS independent, layered Docker-based installer, to increase reliability, modularity, and speed of deployment.

Done in v2.2

  • Mistral Jinja support: Mistral workflows now support Jinja notation.
  • Security improvements: Better default security posture for MongoDB, RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL.

Done in v2.1

  • StackStorm Pack Exchange: Make integration and automation packs discoverable, continuously tested, and community rated. Solve the problem of packs spread all over GitHub.
  • Ubuntu Xenial (16.04) support

Done in v1.6

  • MongoDB: MongoDB 3.x support.
  • Datastore: Access K/V datastore from the Mistral workflows.

Done in v1.5

  • Pack configuration: Configuration separated from the pack code.
  • Datastore: Key/value datastore secrets.

Done in v1.4

  • Packaging: Deprecation of All-in-One Installer.
  • Packaging: Native deb/rpm packages with bundled python dependencies.
  • ChatOps: ChatOps API support for Slack/HipChat providers.

Done in v1.3

  • Workflows: st2 re-run - resume failed workflows.
  • Scale: Garbage collection service.

Done in v1.2

  • Packs: Pack Testing support.
  • ChatOps: Fully reworked ChatOps with Jinja templating.
  • Policies: Timeout and retry policies.

Done in v1.1

  • FLOW: Visual workflow representation and drag-and-drop workflow designer.
  • RBAC: Role based access control for packs, actions, triggers and rules.
  • Pluggable authentication backends including PAM, Keystone, Enterprise LDAP.
  • All-in-one installer: production ready single-box reference deployment with graphical setup wizard.
  • RHEL 6 and 7 support
  • Trace-tags: ability to track a complete chain of triggers, rules, executions, related to a given triggering event.
  • Native SSH: replace Fabric; Fabric based SSH still available and can be enabled via config.
  • WebUI major face-lift

Done in v0.11

  • ChatOps: two-way chat integration beyond imagination.
  • More integration packs: Major integrations - Salt, Ansible, some significant others. Check the full list.

Done in v0.9

  • Experimental windows support: windows runner, and windows commands.
  • Web UI complete basics: rule create/edit/delete in UI.

Done in v0.8

  • Web UI: refactor history view, create and edit rules and workflows, add graphical representations for workflow definitions and executions.
  • Improved Mistral integration: simplified Mistral DSL for StackStorm actions, visibility of workflow executions, and reliable of StackStorm-Mistral communication. Includes Mistral improvements, features, and fixes.
  • Operational supportability: Better output formats, better visibility to ongoing actions, better logs, better debugging tools.
  • Scale and reliability improvements: deployed and run at scale, shown some good numbers, and more work identified.

Done in v0.6.0

  • YAML: complete moving to YAML for defining rules, action and trigger metadata, configurations, etc.
  • Plugin isolation and management: Improved managements of sensors, action runners and provide isolated environments.
  • Reliability: improvements on sensor and action isolation and reliability.

See Changelog for the full gory history of everything we’ve delivered so far.

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