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Installing Extreme Workflow Composer

StackStorm is an event-driven DevOps automation platform with all the essential features suitable for small businesses and teams. It’s free and open source under the Apache 2.0 license.

Extreme Workflow Composer (EWC) is the commercial version of the StackStorm automation platform. EWC adds priority support, advanced features such as fine-tuned access control (RBAC), LDAP, and Workflow Designer. To learn more about Extreme Workflow Composer, get an evaluation license, or request a quote, visit Workflow Composer Product Page and Contact Sales.


You can also add Network Automation Suites on top of an Extreme Workflow Composer system. See to learn more.

Quick Evaluation

To install Extreme Workflow Composer for a quick evaluation, run the commands below on a clean 64-bit Linux box that meets the System Requirements. Replace ${EWC_LICENSE_KEY} with the key you received when registering for evaluation or purchasing EWC.

curl -sSL -O && chmod +x
./ --user=st2admin --password='Ch@ngeMe' --license=${EWC_LICENSE_KEY}

Upgrading from Community

Already have a working StackStorm system, and want to add Extreme Workflow Composer? No problem! No need to install a new system. You can install Extreme Workflow Composer on top of your existing system. Just run install commands, again replacing ${EWC_LICENSE_KEY} with the license key you received when registering:

curl -sSL -O && chmod +x
./ --user=st2admin --password='Ch@ngeMe' --license=${EWC_LICENSE_KEY}

To understand the full details of the installation procedure, or to install Extreme Workflow Composer manually, follow the installation guide for your Linux version: Ubuntu Xenial (16.04), Ubuntu Bionic (18.04), RHEL 7/CentOS 7, or RHEL 6/CentOS 6. It will walk you through installing and configuring StackStorm and Extreme Workflow Composer. The last step of the instructions is “Upgrade to Extreme Workflow Composer”.

High Availability deployment

Using Extreme Workflow Composer in production and need better safety for all important operations you delegate to automation engine? StackStorm was built with High Availability in mind - check out StackStorm Enterprise HA in Kubernetes for deployment blueprint.

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