The documentation you're currently reading is for version 3.6.0. Click here to view documentation for the latest stable version.


Jinja expressions are wrapped inbetween {{}} like {{ Jinja expression }}. Code block using {% %} is also supported for Jinja. The symbols { and } conflict with JSON and the entire Jinja expression with the encapsulation should be single or double quoted.

Built-in Filters

Jinja has a list of built-in filters to work with strings, dictionaries, lists, etc. Please refer to the Jinja documentation for the list of available filters.

StackStorm Filters

  • st2kv('st2_key_id') queries the StackStorm datastore and returns the value for the given key. For example, the expression {{ st2kv('system.shared_key_x') }} returns the value for a system scoped key named shared_key_x while the expression {{ st2kv('my_key_y') }} returns the value for the user scoped key named my_key_y. Please note that the key name should be in quotes otherwise YAQL treats a key name with a dot like system.shared_key_x as a dict access. The value can be encrypted in the StackStorm datastore. To decrypt the retrieved value, the input argument decrypt must be set to true such as st2kv('st2_key_id', decrypt=true).