To install and run StackStorm on Ubuntu/Debian or RedHat/Fedora with all dependencies, download and run the deployment script.

curl -q -k -O
chmod +x
sudo ./

This will download and install the latest release of StackStorm (currently 0.6.0). Installation should take about 5 min. Grab a coffee and watch 101 Video while it is being installed.

Check that StackStorm installation works OK:

st2ctl status

st2 --version
st2 --help
st2 action list
st2 run core.local uname

Use the supervisor script to manage StackStorm services:

st2ctl start|stop|status|restart|restart-component|reload|clean

What’s Next?

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More Installations


We compile, build and test on Fedora 20 and Ubuntu 14.04. The script should work for other versions, but if you find a problem, let us know. Fixes welcome :)